Introducing The Rejected Podcast!

Introducing The Rejected Podcast! Here's a little teaser for my new show, debuting March 1st (available on all podcast platforms but you can listen first through Anchor!) If you're interested in hearing actors and artists talk about their horrible failures then this is the podcast for you! Episode one is an interview with New York based actor Joe Bigelow. Thanks for listening!

Fall 2018

This fall has been a busy one and I am so very grateful for the work. I flew to Minneapolis 3 times over a six week period for various projects including a photoshoot with Adam Zuehlke (pictures available in my gallery), the short film Motorway Macabre with Oak Island Pictures, and my very first feature film: Only Dance Can Save Us with Cutjaw Film Co!


Casting Announcement!

I am so excited to be joining the cast of the TV show Princess Avengers: World Cleansers! “9 princesses obtain powers via gemstones and learn they must protect the realm from supernatural forces.” The pilot for this show will begin shooting in Fall/Winter 2018 in prep for Atlanta pitch season.

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